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After completing the reading, the student will participate in an interactive asynchronous discussion. Your primary discussion post should be between 500-750 words, answer the discussion post comprehensively, and support your comments with evidence from the literature using APA format for citing and referencing. Students are also required to respond to at least one peer’s post. Peer responses should be between 250-500 words, comprehensively address the peer’s post and use APA to cite and reference comments or support for the topic. Posts and responses should demonstrate evidence of synthesis and summation of Module III material.
Think about a recent team-based process improvement project that has been implemented at your place of employment involving multiple professions or disciplines in healthcare. Describe the project to your colleagues and reflect upon the core values of innovation, transparency, flexibility and consensus among the team during the project. How do you feel each member of the team incorporated or self-identified with the various core values related to the project? What individual strengths or weaknesses did they bring to the project? What conflicts occurred during the process and how were they handled? What “old” ways of thinking or hierarchical structure impeded the team? How was the effectiveness of the team evaluated? What were the outcomes of the team project? What are the DNP leadership lessons learned from this example?

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