Nurse Roles Research Paper
Choose a role of the public /community health nurse as outlined
in the Stanhope and Lancaster (2015) course text. The roles are described in
detail in the following chapters 13, 16, 28, 29, 30. 31, 32 and include the
Public Health Nurse in Local, State, National Level, Case Manager, Program
Manager, Occupational Health, School Nurse, Faith (Parish) Nurse, Home Health
Nurse, Hospice Nurse, and new emerging roles such as Telehealth, Transitional
Health, Care Coordination, and Infection Control.
The paper should be 3-4 pages (excluding the title page and
reference page), in APA format 7th edition. Include headings
(level one, in bold, and centered) and correctly formatted reference citations
in-text and on the reference page. Please use a minimum of 4 references, one
being from the Stanhope and Lancaster text, and the others being from scholarly
sources (nursing journals, etc.) Use only web sources from .org, .edu, or .gov.
Resources from .com sources are not acceptable and should not be included.
Introduction to Paper (10%) Begin the paper with an introduction to the topic,
briefly stating what will be covered in the purpose statement such as The
purpose of this paper is……….
Educational Background, licensing, certification required and
experience needed for the role (20%) Discuss the required educational background (BSN, MSN, etc )
additional licenses/certification needed, (PHN, etc) exams for
licensing/certifications, and specific nursing experience expected (years of
experience as an RN).
The patient population served including the setting/environment
(20%) Discuss the main
patient population the nursing role will serve (school-aged children, etc).
Approximately how many specific patients/clients will the nurse reach? What are
the setting (school, clinic, etc) and main environment for serving the
Professional duties of the role, including additional
professionals who may be part of the interdisciplinary team (20%) Discuss the main duties of the nurse role and
other healthcare professionals (social worker, etc) who may
collaborate/partner with the nurse providing care/services to the
patient/client population.
Importance of the role and projected need for the future (20%) Project ahead approximately 5-10 years and
discuss the importance of the role as an advocate and the projected needs of
the population in the future. Include actual data from the US Bureau of Labor
Statistics, including the state of California.
Conclusion/Summary (5%) Finish the paper with a summary of what was covered and a
conclusion with any additional thoughts and insight gained on the nursing role.
Final Paper (5%) APA
Format, minimum of 5 references from scholarly sources, additional
resources, headings, grammar, punctuation, complete in required content

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