Contents of Paper: Summarize the textbook chapter corresponding your chosen topi

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Contents of Paper:
Summarize the textbook chapter corresponding your chosen
topic; the summary should include
i) the nature of specific infections,
ii) causative agents and their mechanisms of pathogenesis,
iii) diagnosis,
iv) treatment & prevention, and
v) summary of one exemplary case study. For item v), case studies,
you have to find a scientific, peer-reviewed case study report (Pubmeb is the most
famous search engine you can use). The length of the paper is minimum 8 pages of
double spaced text (font size no bigger than 11). You can provide figures. Write with
your classmates as the targeted readers.
Sources and their use:
In recent years there has been a tendency to rely more heavily
on web pages as sources. Students are warned that plagiarizing any source is a
serious violation of academic standards—credit and use your sources properly. A
definition of plagiarism can be found in the section of University Statement. **Note:
I allow the use of some figures downloaded from the web, but you should cite the
reference or give the website. Figure legends should be your own with succinct and
clear information.
Papers will be judged on their organization and the clarity of writing. Papers
that have numerous misspellings or grammatical errors will be rated poorly and this
rating will seriously impact the grade. Proofread carefully. Use spelling checkers.
Have others read the paper both for clarity and content. The paper should follow a
review paper writing style with citation systems of either Citation-Sequence or

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