Discussion – Health Economics and Nurses
After reading and watching the assigned lecture material, answer the following questions:
1) Who pays for health care in the United States and how?
2) Discuss the differences between Medicare and Medicaid?
The Discussion Forum is a platform to present information, present question and answer question, and exchange ideas about a designated topic. The questions are provided as starting points for a broader discussion. Your response should indicate that you have completed the assigned reading and given thought to your answer. Be attentive to grammar and punctuation. It’s wise to save your work in a separate file, then copy and paste it into the discussion forum so your work is not lost. Postings should demonstrate thought and an attempt to discuss personal/work experiences, as they are relevant to the class discussion, and/or sharing information from outside readings, properly cited. Please remember that the professor is looking for quality, not necessarily quantity.
NUR 402 requires participation in seven discussion forums. It is a great way to build a sense of community, discuss key concepts, and learn from others.
You are required to post reply responses based on any opinion portion or question of peer discussion forum with appropriate rationale according to the following guidelines:
Post an initial response by Thursday at 6:00 PM CST.
Post a minimum of one follow-up response by Sunday at 11:59 PM CST.
Initial post should be 300-350 words each. Be sure to use and credit two professional journals and/or the designated text/vidoes videos, in your writing for your initial post. In-text citations as well as references must be included per APA guidelines – Scholarly and current (within 5 years).
Peer reply post should be 200-250 words each. Be sure to use and credit one professional journal and/ordesignated text/videos along with your own experience/opinion. In-text citations as well as references must be included per APA guidelines – Scholarly and current (within 5 years).
**Refer to the FAQ for Discussion Forum under Module 0 – “What is a Scholarly Source”?
To receive full credit, your responses must demonstrate an understanding of key concepts; further the discussion by providing an original and relevant insight; include a rationale, evidence, or example that supports your response/opinion; and be free of significant mechanical errors. Copying from your original post and pasting as a reply to another student will result as an unsatisfactory for that reply.
**Please note you must submit your initial post before you will be able to see any classmate post. Half points will be deducted for any of the 15 criteria for less than satisfactory work/responses within your initial post and reply post.**
**No late work, except under extenuating circumstances. See Syllabus for late work submission
Your assignment will be graded according to the following grading rubric.

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