Element A: TV advertisement —–target audience —Adolescent (10-19 years)
Element B: 1500 words assignment .
please follow the detail feedback I have provided to editing element A and Element B to meet all learning outcomes.
Assignment tips-Stakeholders
Do’s and don’ts
•Be specific – Don’t just list them
•Make it clear why they involved, or should be involved? –
Stakeholder analysis
•What are the opportunities and challenges of multi-agency working?
Will they help or hinder? What is in it for them?
•Have you critically analysed the involvement of relevant
stakeholders in promoting health? How much influence or interest do they have ?
Do I need references for my resource?
Yes-the evidence and/or advice included within your resource is patient information; this should be identified from credible sources and referenced in a separate reference list. The same applies to any images that are not created by yourself.
Do I need references within my resource?
No, this might clutter your resource and it is acceptable to attach a separate reference list.
Do I have to target my resource at a specific local area (depending on data) or can this be targeted on a more national basis?
Think about what your resource is (poster, App, TV advert etc) and where it will be available-if your plan is for it to be local then local evidence needs to justify this. Likewise, if your audience and resource is national then national data would justify this.
Does the resource and justification have to be referenced separately?
Yes please-if you failed one element then you would only need to resubmit this element at resubmission so separate reference lists are required.
Is there guidance on using pictures/images within the resource due to copyright?
Yes! Look under the section ‘Supporting Resources’ for guidance.
Is there a word count for the resource (Element A)?
No there is not-the important thing to ensure is that your health message is clear and relevant to your target audience-this might be one plain and simple message co

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