For this assignment, you will create an original, informational, three- to five-

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For this assignment, you will create an original, informational, three- to five-minute video that introduces policies developed in Units III and IV. The policies developed were to reduce liability and enhance operations for fire and emergency service organizations. In the video, you will briefly address the purpose of the policies and answer any anticipated questions or concerns regarding discipline if the policies are not adhered to. You should also describe any potential litigation concerns that may occur because of the new policy/policies. Your time should be equally divided on the introduction of the policy and anticipated questions.
To help you anticipate one or two questions on discipline, think about what coffee table chatter would occur in your organization after a new policy is introduced if people do not agree with the policy. Think about fire and emergency service personnel receiving discipline, reassignment, or retraining of the individual employee whose actions contributed to the violation of the policy in your organization. Examples of litigation concerning discipline that have occurred in other fire and emergency service organizations can be found in the textbook, the library, and from the Internet in order to support your discussion.
The following resource will aid you in developing your video. Please review this document on Video Recording Guidelines prior to beginning the assignment.
This video should provide a clear visual of you speaking. Ensure you dress properly and speak naturally in a pleasant, social way. You may use any recording equipment to record your video, including a cell phone. Record your video in front of an appropriate backdrop. Please ensure that there are no distracting or overbearing sounds that hinder the ability to clearly hear your presentation.
Ensure your video and written transcript are addressing the requirements set forth above.
After you have recorded the video, you will upload it to YouTube. Review the YouTube Upload Instructions to assist you in this process.
To submit your three-minute video, copy the link from YouTube into a Word document, as well as your written Word transcript and submit it through Blackboard.
Remember to review the rubric before you submit the link of your original video.
Alternative Option:
If you do not have a way to record a video, you are allowed to create an eight-slide PowerPoint presentation instead. For the presentation, you must follow the same prompt as above but also include any image(s) that you would use. The presentation needs a title slide with your name, the date, and the title of your presentation, and a reference slide. The title and reference slides do not count toward the eight-slide requirement. You will do a voice-over narration for every slide other than the reference slide. Ensure that you follow APA guidelines.
For assistance creating a presentation using PowerPoint, please visit PowerPoint Best Practices or reach out to the Writing Center for assistance.
Will do the power point on this one

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