I attached a file below of the Final Essay Prompt. Please read this thoroughly a

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I attached a file below of the Final Essay Prompt. Please read this thoroughly and follow all the directions.
For my topic I will be choosing the question of How did African Americans, and women experience the 1920s?And How did their outlooks change in the 1930s?
I will attach 6 documents for you to use for the citations for the paper. You must cite from every one and you must use every document, in a cohesive and understanding manner.
The three documents to use for their outlooks and how they changed in the 1930’s are “Trotter Coping With a Raw Deal”, “Will Women Lose Their Jobs”, and “Katznelsons Welfare in Black and White”. The three other documents are to help explain how african americans, and women experienced the 1920’s.
CITATIONS: As with all written assignments, this paper should properly acknowledge words and
ideas that are not your own. You do not have to cite lectures, but you should cite any other course
texts or readings you draw on. Please site sources using Chicago Style (i.e. footnotes or endnotes).
I have posted a quick guide to using this form of citation on the class Brightspace page under the
in the “Final Essay” section. If you have any doubts about what constitutes plagiarism, please
contact me, via email or during our online office hours.
FORMATTING: All papers should be typed (12-point font) and double-spaced with a one-inch
margin. Please do not exceed the page limit even if you have a lot to say. There is virtue in

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