I. Journal Assignments Journal assignments provide opportunities for students t

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I. Journal Assignments
Journal assignments provide opportunities for students to engage the ideas, insights, and reading with their own personal, spiritual experience. Journal assignments should be no more than a a little over a page long (300 words) but they attempt an important integration of ideas and life. (CLOs #1-5) There are two parts to the journal.
Part I. 200 words.
Select one of the questions below.
Mindfulness – being aware of God – presupposing one does not have an inadequate understanding of God. Hahn mentions the vertical and horizontal dimension of mindfulness and being aware of God, of enjoying God. Indeed, Hahn writes that “All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas state that you have the nature of enlightenment in you.” (119) What does he mean?
In Jewish spirituality, what are two important ways, for Kushner, one becomes attentive to the presence of God?
Hahn writes, “If we observe things deeply, we will discover that one thing contains all the other things. If you look deeply into a tree, you will discover that a tree is not only a tree. It is also a person. It is a cloud. It is the sunshine. It is the Earth. It is the animals and the minerals. The practice of looking deeply reveals to us that one thing is made up of all other things. One thing contains the whole cosmos. . . .One thing contains everything With the energy of mindfulness, we can see deeply. With the Holy Spirit, we can see deeply. Mindfulness is the energy of the Buddha. The Holy Spirit is the energy of God.” (4-5) How does these comments point to the sacredness of reality?
For Hahn, what is the relationship between love, suffering, and forgiveness? Explain.
Kushner quotes Abraham Heschel who said that “spirituality is life lived in continuous presence of the divine” (9). In Jewish spirituality, how is this insight expressed in the relationships between people?
Part II. 100 words. Discuss how either Hahn or Kushner’s writing has provided you perspective about seeing reality as good and beautiful?
II. Structure:
About a page that includes attention to grammar, spelling, logic and coherence
Includes illustrative and concrete examples
II. Format:
Typed, double spaced, 1” margins left, right, top, bottom
Avoid 1st person plural and second person pronouns (you, your, we, us, our etc.)
Proper grammar, good spelling, logical and coherent
Good spelling and grammar (remember to use Grammarly.com!)
Includes illustrative and concrete examples
Proper citation in Chicago manual of style format – required for all paraphrase and direct quotations used in the essay

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