OT 401 – Minor Prophets I – Instructions – This is an exegetical study of the mi

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OT 401 – Minor Prophets I – Instructions – This is an exegetical study of the minor prophetical books of Hosea, Joel, Amos,
Jonah, and Micah.
These supplemental instructions are given to assist you with the production of your research paper.
They should be used in conjunction with the instructions in the “General Guidelines for Research Papers
and Elective Courses.”
Objective: to acquire an
in-depth knowledge of these six prophets and the importance of their individual
prophecies and to whom they were directed.
Expanded Course Description: The student will provide a detailed study and outline of each of these six
prophets. This study should include the time and setting of each prophet, the main prophecies of each, and to
whom each prophecy was directed.
Guidelines: Select at least five books from the seminary’s 400 series book list for your research. If you choose
to use an alternate book that is not on the list, you need to first get written approval. A minimum of 4,000
words is required for this course.
Please note:
Use only Turabian-style formatting for footnotes and bibliography.
Use caution and avoid plagiarism to avoid serious consequences.
The word count only includes the body
of your text. It does not include the table of contents, bibliography,
addendums, or copied Scripture.

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