Please do not include any outside sources! Use of information on the topic is fi

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Please do not include any outside sources! Use of information on the topic is fine we do not need a reference page. Use the pdf listed here to answer the following questions.
Afterwards, answer the following questions:
What are some primary concerns around the client’s motivation?
What do you think is the client’s goal orientation?
What aspects of the client’s motivation are intrinsic and extrinsic?
Is the client approaching competence or avoiding incompetence?
What strategies might you implement in order to assist with this client’s motivation?
Specific Instructions:
Case study response must be a 2-page (maximum) response to the specified prompts.
Must be done via Word docs.
Upload and submit the completed case study within this dropbox.
Be sure to utilize APA formatting!
Important Considerations:
In completing the case, it is encouraged that students approach the case as if the client approached you, and you were tasked with working directly on the case.
No need to worry about seeming like an expert! Simply express what you believe would be best in supporting this client during their present challenges.
Students will be graded on their ability to integrate knowledge from the course readings, lectures, and additional materials in their effort to develop a well-rounded understanding of the case
Be sure to provide a detailed action plan that would best serve the client in the case.
Incorporate your learning of mental skills training and strategies specifically in this section.
Reach out with any concerns, all directions and information should be provided for you here.

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