Please write a 5,000-word project report on Transforming Care.
My suggested title for the report is: ‘Ensuring appropriate storage of written confidential material’
A background to this is:
orthapaedic ward for adults, 22-beds
clinical notes left inside a clinical trolley which was predominatly left in the corridor
when it was opened or left there any of the medical staff could read the confidential documents]
the documents should be locked inside the trolley, but staff often left the trolley unlocked
sometimes this caused documents to be mixed up
this could mean even the families of patients could see, read or even take the documents
the staff of course should be following data privacy/data protection and so this situation should not be allowed to continue
my suggestion is to put the trolley into a specific room that is easy to access but is not open to the public
staff would also need additional training to ensure they did not leave the clinicial trolley unlocked
a second alternative would be to make all the notes digital, so they were only accessible to staff on password-protected computers
Please use the above to tie in with the suggested structure below:
Literature review: What work is already there?
Solutions that have been done: theme
What does the literature say about the problem?
Is it well researched?
How could this problem be resolved.
This is part of the final year of my Adult Nursing degree.
I have attached all the relevant documents, including: format/structure, sample and assignment brief.
With regards to the assignment brief, I’m aiming for 70%+ (1st Class) – so please follow that specific column in the brief.
Please find at least 6 literature reviews. 50 reference sources required (Harvard style).
Thank you.

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