Question 1: (5 points) Phuc buys a furnace and pays for the old one to be remove

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Question 1: (5 points)
buys a furnace and pays for the old one to be removed and hauled
away, and the new one to be installed upon delivery.
type of contract is this—for the sale of goods, services, or
mixed? Does the UCC apply? Why or why not?
Question 2: (5 points)
Bear goes into labor with her baby cubs. When she arrives at the
hospital, she’s in a lot of pain and is scared that something
is wrong with her cubs and that they will not be born alive. The
hospital refuses to admit her until after she signs legal releases
and waivers. Are those contracts enforceable? What defenses can Momma
Bear raise to the enforcement of those contracts?
Question 3: (5 points)
Buffett’s Bracket Challenge offers to pay $1 million every year
for life to his employee who correctly selects the perfect March
Madness bracket. This consists of identifying all the winners of
men’s NCAA basketball championship games before the games
type of offer is this—bilateral or unilateral?
the offer enforceable? Why or why not?
Extra Credit: (5 points)
the Foo Fighters Fan bought tickets for the Foo Fighters concert in
Denver in August 2022. Tragically, the drummer for the band died
while on tour in Columbia in March 2022. As a result, the remaining
members of the band canceled the rest of the tour, including Denver.
What contract remedy or remedies is Freddie entitled to? Why?

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