The final piece of writing will be a 3-4 page reflection on the process of writi

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The final piece of writing will be a 3-4 page reflection on the process of writing your Research Paper in this class, in the form of a Literacy Narrative. This might be the most unfamiliar genre to you (unless you wrote one in English 113), but it is in many ways similar to a memoir or autobiographical narrative. In this case, it will give you the opportunity to reflect on a significant or exemplary moment during the creation of the Research Paper. Ideally, this would focus on an event: was there a moment in the past two months where you suddenly felt like you “got it,” in regard to a writing skill? Did you experience and overcome (or just survive) a setback? Did your topic choice, research, or writing process connect to your personal faith in some way? Don’t just tell me what you think I want to hear; this essay could be positive, negative, or mixed––it just needs to be a good story that communicates some kind of significance. If you can’t think of a particular moment, you can still do well on this assignment by being more informative and analytical, guiding the reader through your learning process in the class and emphasizing an element like how the topic connected to your personal or religious convictions. Make sure your examples are specific (if you write about this class, refer to certain essays, sentences, professor’s comments, or words with a classmate or family member). Feel free to include images, like screenshots of essay commentary. Your literacy narrative will be evaluated according to the following Key Features:
A well-told story
Vivid detail
Some indication of the narrative’s significance (this should include a connection to your personal faith or worldview)
The Research paper I provided down below is what I submitted so that’s what it’s saying reflects off your research paper and the process of writing it.

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