Throughout this course, you are developing a community risk reduction (CRR) plan

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Throughout this course, you are developing a community risk reduction (CRR) plan for a risk that your community faces. A vital part of implementing any CRR plan is continually monitoring, evaluating, and modifying the plan after implementation and during the course or scope of the CRR plan.
Develop a plan for identifying benchmarks and what would constitute achieving benchmarks, and provide secondary measures if milestones are not achieved. Procedures for monitoring CRR plans are not one-size-fits-all, so you need to look at your specific plan and the metrics you established for success to review and come up with a monitoring plan. Your plan should be thorough with clear expectations of what each benchmark is and what clearly constitutes the standard of achievement. Include the components listed below.
Provide a clear timeline of reviews, what criteria will be reviewed, and how criteria will be rated for completion or achievement.
What specific data will be used for measuring achievement of the benchmarks?
Who is in charge of collecting and analyzing the data, and who reviews this person’s calculations for accuracy?
What contingency plans should be in place if benchmarks are not met?
How often should plan leaders and stakeholders meet to evaluate the plan?
If changes are necessary, how will these be communicated to team members, and is additional training necessary?
How will modifications to the plan be evaluated?
Your completed plan for identifying CRR benchmarks must be at least two pages in length. Outside sources are not required for this assignment. If outside sources are used, please follow APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

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