You are an HR professional charged with handling the performance-related dismiss

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You are an HR professional charged with handling the performance-related dismissal of a particularly difficult employee who is also popular with their work colleagues. In 1,000-1,200 words:
Using the steps ( provided below ), outline the strategy you would use to make sure this involuntary termination process is handled as smoothly and positively as possible.
Explain how employee exit psychologically impacts the terminated employee, the person executing the termination, and the remaining employees.
Discuss two strategies HR professionals can implement to mitigate negative psychological impacts after an employee exits the organization.
1. The employee must receive verbal notice of the performance issues they are having, along with the coaching that is being provided as those issues come up.
2. Formal write up and documentation that include improvement suggestions, training provided, additional coaching, and the consequences of what can happen if it continues.
3. Final write up and documentation, final coaching, counseling, and other improvement opportunities, along with a final notice that next step includes termination.
4. Document the issue that led to the next step of termination and let the employee know of the termination.
5. Include an exit interview if its available to do so.
6. Have someone escort the employee.

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