Having reviewed with your colleagues your knowledge of how to perform the projec

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Having reviewed with your colleagues your knowledge of how to perform the project risk identification process, Bill Baumbas now wants your consulting team to prepare training for his project managers that is focused on the details of risk identification so they can perform this process for their projects. Prepare PowerPoint visual aids, about twelve to fifteen slides, for a training session for Bill’s project managers that will equip them to work with you and your team to identify risk, threats, and opportunities inherent to the LSDS project under consideration. Since you will not be able to present live in the virtual space, use the speaker notes section of your PowerPoint visual aids to “voice”, “script”, or “record” what you would say to your audience. Your last slide should be a References slide with APA formatted references, and you should use APA formatted citations to your references in the text of your speaker notes.
There is a considerable amount of information that you do not have about ASDG, Inc., e.g. history of the company, culture, and structure of the company, leadership, leadership structure, project managers, engineers, etc. However, you are given the latitude in this and all the following assignments to fabricate the reality you will be dealing with based on the information you do have. You are to assess every angle of the company and consider all of the project stakeholders, who will be impacted by your team’s ability to manage this office relocation project. You are to make assumptions about people’s titles, departments, roles, perceptions, etc. and create the story. Bear in mind the fact that your effectiveness as the project manager of this project will be used to evaluate ASDG’s performance. Your reputation, as well as your company’s reputation, depending on how well you manage this project.

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