Research Question: what are the impcat of yoga practice in reducing fatigue for

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Research Question: what are the impcat of yoga practice in reducing fatigue for breast cancer survivors.
Literature Review session (2pages)
Summarize and integrate current
theories and research in the area (minimum 5 references relating to your topic
area) • Present a critical evaluation of the current literature (e.g., gaps in
the literature and identify the(limitations of current studies) • Ensure your
literature review leads to and provides a rationale/support for your research
question .Provide a critical and or comparative review
Research Question and Definitions
A statement of the research question(s); and •
The definition of major variables or constructs outlined in your research
Research Approach, Methodology (1page)
What research approach (e.g.,
qualitative, quantitative, Africentric) will guide your research? • What is
your rationale for using this research approach? • What methodology (e.g.,
survey, storytelling, narrative inquiry, grounded theory) will you use to carry
out your research? • What is your rationale for using this.
Participant, Recruitment and Criteria(1page)
This section describes and
justifies the selection of participants for your studies, including: • What
specific sampling approach will you use (e.g., stratified random sampling,
snowball or relational) and why? • Where will you do your study and with whom?
• How will you recruit and access participants? • How will you select
participants for your study? • What selection criteria will you use? • How many
participants will be involved and why?
Information Gathering or Data
Collection. (1 page)
This section clearly outlines and
justifies your methods (e.g., semi-structured interviews) for collecting
information from your participants. • In quantitative research, describe and
justify specific measurement instruments that will be used (e.g., surveys or
questionnaires). Discuss the reliability and validity of these instruments.
Writing style and APA
The research proposal must be
written in a concise and cohesive academic narrative – please avoid repeating
the same information in different sections. Proof your paper before submitting
for APA 7 format, as well as style, grammar, and punctuation.

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