A. Please comment to Megan D on this comment he made in 137 words One of the eas

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A. Please comment to Megan D on this comment he made in 137 words
One of the easiest ways to address political, ethical, and cultural challenges is to make a clear and defined standard for the company itself to adhere to. By basing the basic practices within and of the company on a defined standard, you then have a structure to work off of. From this standard, a company can then approach the different challenges as they are faced with them. Even better is when the company can monitor trending behaviors within these different areas and stay ahead of potential challenges and issues. A certain level of neutrality is also beneficial in many ways. For example, a company should not use its position to push opinion or objective unrelated to their product/service.
Executive management can impact political, ethical, and cultural challenges by the amount of control they wish to impose upon those aspects within the workplace. By setting a basic standard and observing laws within your state, a generalized guideline can be made to guide employees, human resources, management, etc. on what is generally acceptable within the workplace as well as how to handle issues that may arise. My perspective on this is that there should always be separation between work and personal life while on the clock. If focus is placed solely on work objectives while in the work environment, we can accomplish our goals and work as a team without the conflict presented when unrelated variables are introduced. The main thing is that people feel comfortable and safe in their work environment so that they can perform their job optimally. When we allow for the workspace to take into account political, ethical, and cultural differences, we build an more welcoming workplace. However, if we allow for any of those variable to run rampant and become disruptive, the workplace turns into an unwelcoming and toxic environment.
B. Please comment to Brandi A on this comment he made in 137 words
I would say the ultimate way for management to address these challenges would be to lead by example. Then there is learning how to spot the signs of the values being compromised. Not following policies of the company would be another way of how the challenges can occur. Even the slightest deviation could lead to misconduct down the road. As far as the cultural challenges of the company, keeping the “fake” news and political discrepancies of the internal database and only allowing certain outside websites accessible only.
Employee privacy should be one of the top goals of management. Keeping the employees problems and personal information confidential the impact that management can have on a company can go one of two ways good or bad. The bad would or could result from poor or lack of authority and example provided for the employees again lead by example. Having a policy that gives management the organization it needs and helps with dealing with issues that arise. That is why the hiring process is so crucial to having a well organized and ethical company.

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