The standard stages of the writing process are: Brainstorming/Prewriting Freewri

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The standard stages of the writing process are:
Library database research
Evaluating web sources
Peer Review
Working with a tutor
The goal of the assignment is to demonstrate understanding of the writing process, how stages can be actively applied, and ways to overcome common writing challenges. (SLO 1, Teamwork)
The Writing Process Poster will include the following:
Digital Poster, or a 3-Slide PowerPoint, or a Prezi with no more than 3 clickable elements. Audio recordings of each group member’s portion of the presentation should be embedded into the digital poster, 3-slide PowerPoint, or the Prezi.
The poster, PowerPoint, or Prezi should address the following information:
Identify the assigned writing process stage.
Define and describe the assigned stage, with examples drawn from group members’ persuasive essay writing experiences and the course text.
Describe 2-3 challenges students personally encountered in the phase while writing their persuasive essays.
Describe 2-3 techniques or resources which students personally used to address these challenges while writing their persuasive essays.
Explain why the assigned stage is important and how it helped the students produce strong, well-written persuasive essays.
Groups should begin by researching and reviewing the course textbook. The course text must be used as a source of evidence to develop clear understanding of their assigned phase and its importance in the writing process as a whole. Text on the poster, PowerPoint, or Prezi should be limited to bullet points and source material, and the information should be conveyed primarily visually.
Students must present their poster orally, via an audio recording. If students elect to use presentation software such as PowerPoint, their presentation content must be limited to 3 slides or fewer. (Personal Responsibility) Presentations should range between 8-10 minutes total. Students in the group should speak for roughly equal amounts of time.

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