Overview Pathophysiology is a field that is ever-changing due to technical adva

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Pathophysiology is a field that is ever-changing due to technical
advances and new research. The writing assignments that you will
complete review some of the newest research on the diseases and
disorders. This writing assignment should include all proper APA (7th
ed.) rules for a scientific paper, which include a title page, text, and
sources page.
Using a news website, such as Google News (Links to an external site.),
search for an article related to any of the topics in this module. It
is recommended that you also utilize the LIRN Library when conducting
research for this activity. You can access the LIRN Library in your
Canvas navigation bar. The article you select should include information
about topics such as research on the chosen topic, new treatments, new
technology, and/or diagnostic tools. It should be a current article (i.e., published within the last two years).
Complete a 300-word summary of the article.
Please refer to the APA 7th edition style guide and template provided for this assignment
Download template provided for this assignment
Use at least one source/article; however, you are welcome to add
additional sources to include introductory information, if needed.
Do not use quotes from the article unless
completely necessary. Instead, paraphrase because quotes will not be
included in your word count.

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