Pre-assignment Reflection: To help you prepare for the variety of policy and gov

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Pre-assignment Reflection: To help you prepare for the variety of policy and governance issues that we will address in the course, you are asked to prepare a background paper (about 2000 words). The short paper should identify one issue or trend that you think will be of critical importance to the nonprofit/philanthropic sector over the next few years. Assess why this is an important issue, its implications and how one (or more) of the readings (from any day) provides insight into this issue (or perhaps how it misunderstands the issue). There is no ‘correct’ selection of issues: make a case for why you think the issue you have identified matters, and how we might address it. The evaluation is based on a demonstration that you have read and digested (at least some of) the course material and on the ability to apply critical thinking to contemporary issues and the course material. Please cite the sources you draw upon, applying any standard citation style you wish in a consistent manner.
The critical thinking piece is that I am in the social housing sector in Alberta and want this reflection paper to speak to social enterprise and what a hybrid organizing looks like, How do I show up as a leader and as a social entrepreneur? What does this look like for my board in balancing social and financial demands? The province is asking us for a board competency matrix. What does the regulatory environment look like? We are currently applying for charitable status as well. How does that affect the balance? Hopefully this is enough information.
The Government of Alberta wants to transfer ownership of the nine buildings we manage to us. This is where the social enterprise piece comes into it.

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